About Us

We're a committed team focused on solving the core challenges in clinical trials, not just patching symptoms. Our aim is lasting impact.

In a world where medical advancements have the power to change lives, the inefficiencies plaguing clinical trials felt unacceptable to us. The journey of Menken Trials began from firsthand experience with the challenges in clinical trials and a deep-rooted desire to drive change. Rooted in our combined expertise in clinical research, computer science, and software engineering, we sought to confront one of the healthcare industry's most pressing challenges: running efficient, high-quality clinical trials.

Our founding team, comprised of specialists who've led early-stage startups and managed multi-country research teams, was motivated by a simple yet profound question—why should innovation be slowed down by outdated processes and bottlenecks? The existing solutions felt like mere band-aids, temporarily masking the systemic issues in the industry.

We envision Menken Trials as a comprehensive platform that would do more than just digitalise. It aims to elevate the entire clinical trial process to meet the standards of 21st-century medicine. For us, this is more than just a business; it's a mission. We're committed to resolving, not merely patching, the industry's issues by making clinical trials faster, more efficient, and with higher quality.

Because when clinical trials run better, life-saving medicines get to the people who need them faster. And that's the world we're striving to create.

"At Menken Trials, we're not just building software; we're fueling a movement. Our mission is to arm unsung heroes with cutting-edge tools that not only automate the mundane but also elevate the entire research process. By enhancing efficiency, data accuracy, and compliance, we're not just changing the way clinical trials are managed; we're making it easier for innovations to move from the lab to the lives they will ultimately transform."

Anna-Liisa Parts, co-founder of Menken Trials
Jürgen Lorenz

MSc Computer Science and Robotics

6+ years development experience

Team leading in multiple successful early-stage startups

Anna-Liisa Parts

MSc Genetic Engineering

10+ years in drug research

Leading teams of 100-person in 25+ countries

Andreas Ellervee

Cum Laude MSc Software Engineering

8+ years development experience

Out of which 3 in healthcare

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