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Complete eTMF and eISF solutions, complemented with automated monitoring support.

Across your clinical trial needs, Menken has you covered. We provide eTMF and eISF platforms as well as MenkenMONITOR, all designed to optimise research efficiency and enhance data quality.
Compliance Chaos?
Meet automated accuracy. From oversight gaps to predictive precision.
Document Delays?
Instant digital clarity. From paper pile-ups to digital dominance.
CRA Overwhelm?
Discover MenkenMONITOR's magic. From manual mishaps to highest quality.
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Menken eTMF simplifies Trial Master File management with quick setup and robust document handling. Complete regulatory submissions, enjoy real-time tracking, and ensure compliance, all in one platform. Elevate your trials to new levels of efficiency and security with Menken eTMF.
MenkenMONITOR, integrated within our eISF and eTMF solutions, uses intelligent automation to automate time-consuming tasks in clinical research. Our platform not only reduces workload but also enhances data quality and regulatory compliance. Experience streamlined trials with fewer errors and greater efficiency, all through MenkenMONITOR.
MENKEN for Sites
Menken eISF offers quick, automated management of Investigator Site Files, lightening staff workload and boosting data accuracy. The platform includes online signature support and an automated to-do list for seamless operations. Enjoy real-time tracking, robust security, and easy setup, all designed to elevate your site's research efficiency and compliance.
"I would like to apply the system in all of my studies just now. Easy to communicate and easy to control especially in the situation where face to face monitoring visits are very rare.“
Academic CRA, Tartu University Hospital. 
Advanced Automation
As a standout feature, MenkenMONITOR revolutionizes the landscape of clinical trials by automating traditional CRA tasks. The intelligent automation not only reduces the burden on CRAs but also enhances data compliance, accuracy and operational efficiency.
MenkenMONITOR significantly reduces the need for human intervention, lowering costs related to CRA turnover and other human-related variables. It increases trial effectiveness by incorporating authentic CRA insight into its automation capabilities.
Personalized Solution
Menken’s Solution is for anyone striving for excellence in clinical research. With built-in flexibility, our system is engineered to adapt to the unique requirements of each study, ensuring that you get the most tailored approach to manage costs and scalability.
Crafted for convenience and efficiency, Menken's Solution seamlessly integrates into your current workflow. Whether you're in the office or on the go, our platform is accessible right from your smartphone, ensuring uninterrupted, top-notch support for all your needs.
Menken Trials was born from a desire to revolutionize clinical trials. Our team, experienced in clinical research, technology, and startup leadership, questioned why innovation should be slowed by outdated processes. Our goal is to make trials faster, more efficient, and higher quality, ensuring life-saving medicines reach those in need promptly.
Maximise Your Research with Menken Trials.
Empowering study sites and CROs with the tools to accelerate study execution.
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